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The Watson Assistant Solutions offering provides a technology for creating personalized and engaging experiences with digital assistants for consumers.

The assistants that you build are easily customizable and can be integrated with various device types such as mobile apps, cars, rooms, and other connected objects.

With Watson Assistant Solutions you can design your assistants to:

  • Develop an understanding of a users context based on input from IoT devices and other data sources and continuously learn about a user from their behavior. For example, in a car, and assistant might calculate the speed of your car, it might know the traffic conditions for the road ahead of you, and it might know that you like to listen to the 6pm news on 99.1 FM.
  • Make recommendations based on the personal preferrences of a user. For example, your assistant might remind you that it is time to switch the channel for the 6pm news.
  • Can be accessed from multiple devices while maintaining the correct context. For example, when you walk into your house, your assistant can switch to a smart speaker in the kitchen.*

Target audience

The Watson Assistant Solutions offering is aimed at the following types of developers:

  • Skills developers: Developers who create new capabilities (that is, skills) for their assistant. Once deployed, skills can be referenced by multiple assistants. A skill can answer domain-specific questions, such as travel questions. A skill can also be proactive and make recommendations based on (a) context information such as the location of the user and (b) notifications from agents that are connected to external sources.

  • App developers: Developers who create assistants and embed them into applications or into their user experiences.

  • Hardware developers: Developers who integrate IoT devices with their assistants. The devices can provide input or output for the users. The devices can process environmental data from sensors to create contextual knowledge for the assistants.

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